H0, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in West Virginia, 12 by 4 foot


Merchandise train    Local goods train

Freight House    Log dump    Oil Depot

Panoramas    Ernie's Corner

Layout before it was extended to 16 feet

Merchandise train

Local goods train

Freight House

For earlier photos of the freight house follow the link

Norwood Sawmill log dump

The log cars arrive and dump the logs into the log house

Its possible to look through the doors and windows to see the logs being dumped

Ernest Oil Co

The depot has a new tank

The old oil depot


Ernie's Corner

Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad



Willis Bluff



Water Run

Earnest Creek

Potomac Street

Saint Martin, Ohio




Lafayette Spring

Lafayette Pond

Winter Hill

Winter Run

Layout before it was extended to 16 feet


Passenger train        Freight house        Oil depot

Panoramic         Track plan.

Ridgeville Freight House
American Railroads used fall plates (portable bridges) between box cars so several
rows of box cars could be reached from the freight house (goods shed in British terms)

Earnest Oil Co. Depot

Panoramic of the layout