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Hollyoaks is a minor station on the north west periphery of Chester. The station serves the local village and a link to the M56 and an unmodelled (behind the hedge) car park make's it a park and ride rail head to the city centre explaining the very frequent train service. The line through
Hollyoaks is also used by loco hauled passenger and goods trains. Some goods trains serve the steel work, paper mill, and industrial estates to the west of the station. See Background for more details.

North Star with an intercity train waits for the park and ride shuttle train.

A freight train passes though Hollyoaks. The shuttle train waits in a siding for its next run.

The park and ride shuttle

Hollyoaks Station

Like most modern stations facilities are basic - bus stop shelters, ticket machine, and snack vending machine.
The ground frame will soon be replaced

The foundry was once rail served

Panoramas of the layout
 The fiddle yard