Zeals Road

00, Southern Region, 4 by 4 foot


Southern Region Shreen Vale Railway Zeals Road Rook Street Purns Mill [Mere]


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Zeals Road Station is actually at Hinks Mill in the hamlet of Huntingford two and three quarters of a mile from the village of Zeals.
The small station has all the usual facilities. The station is on the imaginary
Mere Branch set in the Blackmore Vale with the
branch following the Shreen Water for five miles and rises seventy feet in its travel between Gillingham and Mere.
A visit to the area and research showed that at the time of the branch’s potential construction, the 1880s or 1890s, buildings
the white washed as they were built from local stone an almost chalk like soft limestone dug from Dead Maid Quarry.
I felt the
building on Knowehead would be a good reflection of this tradition.

Passenger Train

Zeals Road is a quicky conversion of Knowehead for the Kenavon 20 Exhibition. See also Silver Creek. 

Goods Train