Tallarn Green

00, London Midland & Scottish Railway, 12 by 4 feet


Tallarn Green Platform        Coal briquetting plant        Sand-lime brickworks

Panoramic        On & off scene        Jinty in the trees

Tallarn Green is a platform (staffed halt handling parcels) on the Wych Brook Valley Line from Wrexham to Whitchurch.
The time period is the late 1930’s with operation by London Midland & Scottish Railway stock.
Through & local passenger & goods trains are used by Crewe Works as running in turns.

London Midland & Scottish Railway

Wych Brook Valley


Tallarn Green

Dymock’s Mill

Castle Hill

Tallarn Green Platform (staffed halt handling parcels)

The local passenger gets the right away

The ground frame and parcels office

Coal briquetting plant


The plant now receives fuel by rail

Sand-lime brickworks


Coming on and going off scene

Jinty in the trees